Chesca makes up one half of Royalty, along with her boyfriend Elliott Yorke. A London based production duo, Royalty's popularity is only growing. Their music is a combination of 80s rhythms and pulsating beats kept contemporary with a lounge ambient twist. VESTAL caught up with Chesca to find out more.

TL: Who are your musical influences?
CR: My musical influences are anyone I can trust while listening to their music.
TL: Who are your style icons?
CR: I have many, and a lot fall into the mid 80' early 90's period. Madonna in "Seeking Susan" is my timeless icon. Also people like Boy George, Vanity 6, Basquiat, Eric B and Rakim on the cover of "Paid In Full"... I have many but they are all most likely artists. Fashion by itself means nothing to me.
TL: What's your favourite thing about being on tour?
CR: I love the out of space/time experience about touring. Because you move so much, rush, and you're so busy focusing on performing, you don't have the time to actually experience the place you are in, and you constantly forget where you are. You don't sleep regularly so time patterns are lost. You are surrounded by strangers that like you without knowing you. You just exist in this alternate mobile reality and you dress up for it every day. It all ends right when you walk trough your house door again.
TL: What do you want your music to accomplish?
CR: At this moment of my career, I'd like my music to make people move.
TL: How did you meet Elliott Yorke?
CR: One night I was out by myself in London. I saw him in the streets and thought he was incredibly beautiful.
TL: How does your life in London differ from that in Los Angeles and Southern Italy?
CR: Southern Italy is me in my mom's uterus. LA is me out there by myself getting in touch with everything I had been longing forever. London is me as a woman, but most likely down for the weather.
TL: Which do you like better: DJing or producing?
CR: I like the feeling of excitement I get from both. DJIng is more immediately rewarding, energy wise.
TL: How did you come up with the name 'Royalty'?
CR: It was the title of one of the first tracks we made together. We just kinda liked it and couldn't be bothered to think any further about it
TL: Where on tour do you want to perform the most?
CR: I performed in NYC once and nothing felt as exciting ever since.
TL: What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you while DJing or performing?
CR: Not really anything so weird. Maybe when I get too drunk while I DJ. Then afterwards I don't remember one single song I played..that's pretty weird.
TL: Any exciting new plans?
CR: I've been in the studio working on a solo full-on dance record. I'm taking my time with it but hopefully should be out soon.