In the fashion world, the idea of conformity is all too prevalent. Sure, strappy floor length dresses made of silk adorned with swavorski crystals are beautiful, but we've seen this a trillion times. Where is the individuality? The kind of designs that capture your gaze? Luckily for us, there is Jane Bowler, London based fashion designer with an extreme talent for mesmerizing all that see her creations. Her knack for using plastic at the core of designs combined with structure and intricacy make for wearable pieces of art.
Since graduating from the Royal College of Arts, Jane has quickly made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Every collection surpasses the last, and it only gets better from here. When looking at her complex designs and talking with Jane, you can't help but be inspired and long for more.

TW: Who is Jane Bowler? How would you describe yourself?
JB: A dedicated and passionate designer!

TW: Tell us more about your A/W 2014 collection. It is structured yet extremely feminine. What was the inspiration behind this?
JB: I am inspired by materials and process. This always acts as the starting point for my collections. I trained as a textile designer rather than fashion, therefore the materials always take centre stage, allowing process to define form. I love using plastics, they aren't usually associated with 'luxury' or sophistication, but I love the challenge of turning this preconception this on its head! For AW14 I was keen to combine bold cut-work with untraditional materials along side strong feminine shapes. I also loved the idea of layering and merging materials within the garments and styling possibilities - combining printed neoprene with glossy hand cut plastic, chain joined with crocheted mohair and soft leathers with plastic and hardware seam details. I wanted the seams and construction to be an important part of the aesthetic rather than hiding them away. I loved the idea of bearing all, and allowing this construction to be part of the overall aesthetic.

TW: What celebrity could you see wearing the A/W 2014 collection?
JB: With the likes of Rita Ora, Azealia Banks and Lianne La Havas wearing my past collections, I think I would like to see the amazing Beyoncé in my new collection! Although, I am always excited to work with up and coming artists too!

TW: Do you have plans to venture into another fashion capital or do you prefer to stay in London?
JB: I love London and I love creating my collections here! Its such an inspirational place to be! I can't imagine being anywhere else right now.

TW: What type of woman wears the label? What is one thing a Jane Bowler woman would never leave the house without?
JB: A strong and sophisticated woman, someone who likes to stand out a little and own something different! A Jane Bowler Woman would not leave the house without a hint of plastic fantastic even if it's just in the form of one of our PVC hologram necklaces. That's always a winner!

TW: Do you wear many of your own designs?
JB: I wear my accessories pretty much every day. My favorite JB piece at the moment is an AW14 black pvc cut-work necklace. I tend to save my garments for special occasions!

TW: Instead of investors, you have selected to self-fund by using the kickstarter project. Tell us more about this. What are the benefits?
JB: Crowdfunding is great! It has been a huge help towards allowing me to finance my fashion shows and photoshoots. Setting up a fashion label is extremely difficult, particularly when you need to self fund it! I don't have any sponsors or financial backers, and fashion week can cost thousands... so Kickstarter is my savior! I was totally blown away the first time that I launched a crowdfunding project, I had people from all over the world pledging money to help me to raise money to show at London Fashion week! The great thing is, I can give something back in return! Every pledger receives a JB accessory or exclusive. I love this idea as it also allows people to own a hand made designer item but at a fraction of the usual retail price! It's a win-win situation for everyone!

TW: What is your favorite part of what you do?
JB: The favorite part of what I do is definitely having the opportunity to work with such amazing people, from my agents at Bloody Gray to my intern design team and Collaborators. I always feel very lucky to have such brilliant support and creative input from them and to see that they love and cherish the brand as much as I do.

TW: If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you be?
JB: Hmm... that's a tricky one, I can't imagine being anything else! I would probably do something that felt more like I was changing peoples lives in some way... fashion sometimes feels a little self-indulgent! Although luckily for me, my brand is more than just a fashion label. I also teach and run creative workshops around the world and here in the UK, which actually creates a good balance!

TW: What's next for you?
JB: My new SS15 collection is coming out soon and it's going to be a cracker!